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Ten years ago, your location was nowhere to be found.

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Common capabilities that so many take for granted today were not in existence just a decade ago. You didn’t instantly find a lunch spot near you or pinpoint your location in a matter of seconds. Not until Qualcomm was able to completely transform GPS capabilities to help better lives everywhere.

Team Member Name
  • Peter John Black

  • Senior VP, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1993

Peter is a classic and valued example of the Prolific Inventor. Peter has 100 granted U.S. patents and approximately 1500 international patents. On top of that, Peter has dozens of scientific publications and has been cited over 1300 times in other people’s scientific publications. Impressed yet?

Team Member Name
  • Matthew S. Grob

  • EVP & CTO, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1991

In addition to being an executive and CTO of a fortune 500 company, Matt still makes it a priority to tinker, experiment, have fun, and invent. Matt’s inventions span a broad area of technology and demonstrate that great inventors can re-invent themselves. Whether its in the field of wireless, posloc, computer vision, or robotics, Matt constantly finds ways to innovate and contribute to our standing as a world-class invention company.

Key Facts

Prior to Qualcomm’s inventions, location capabilities were limited to satellite-only systems or systems with limited accuracy. Those systems took many minutes to provide information and were only as accurate as a couple city blocks from your precise location. In a highly complex tech environment that required billions of R&D dollars and revolutionary location technology, Qualcomm focused on utilizing terrestrial, land-based equipment to provide quicker and more accurate position location. Millions of devices and applications now utilize these fundamental Qualcomm inventions for everything from instantly mapping a route or finding the perfect restaurant to even saving lives.

Every Breakthrough Leads to the Next


GPS devices take several minutes to acquire a location via crude radio signals.


Practically every phone in the world uses this, as the smallest things can be located instantly with pinpoint accuracy.