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6,970,580 PDF

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Capturing a video is a big challenge on a mobile device. Qualcomm’s patent helped make video viewable over a range of operating conditions, no matter what the circumstances or where the viewer chooses to view the video.

Team Member Name
  • Jonathan Kies

  • Senior Director, User Experience, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1999

As the head of Qualcomm’s UX team, it’s part of Jon’s job to vision and plan for how our technologies will be used by device makers and end users. Jon wisely takes advantage of patenting the inventions he comes up with in doing so. As we all should strive to do, Jon collaboratively reaches out across many of Qualcomm’s business and technology teams to come up with new ideas and combinations of technology that makes great IP.

Key Facts

Quality communications is what Qualcomm is all about. The same ingenuity that ensured mobile voice telephone calls stay clear and connected were extended to video. Qualcomm employees have created thousands of inventions in the area of video. From video encoding compression to video playback and beyond, Qualcomm’s inventions make video work whether mobile or stationary, night or day, city or countryside. This invention ensures you look your best in a video stream. By recognizing desirable versus undesirable facial elements, a person in a video stream can automatically be enhanced or the person can automatically be notified to rectify the problem.

Every Breakthrough Leads to the Next


The flip phone and early devices were unable to guarantee any modern video capability. Quality was low, delays were long and frequent.


Due to inventions to make video fast and smooth, mobile video viewing per user to reach more than 21 hours a month by 2019, up from 12.7 hours in 2013. And automatically, you may even look better in video than in real life!