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Qualcomm envisioned being able to wirelessly empower consumers, software developers, carriers, and device makers to create an entire app ecosystem and marketplace. By ensuring the safe downloading and running of software, now known as apps, the sharing and use of those apps grew exponentially.

Team Member Name
  • Laurence Lundblade

  • Senior Director, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1995

Laurence is the kind of guy who looks smart and backs it up with his ongoing accomplishments. His skills in security technology and software engineering are evident in the early work he did with email protocols, expanding into several firsts in wireless device and chipset technologies.

Team Member Name
  • Yan Zhuang

  • Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 2000

At well over six feet tall and with an impressive academic pedigree, Yan could be initially intimidating to some. But as soon as he starts talking, it’s clear what a collaborative guy he is. His friendly personality and worldly experience helps both him and others as he innovates and invents in any project area that he works.

Team Member Name
  • Stephen A. Sprigg

  • Senior Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1997

An accountant turned coder, Steve has been innovating and inventing across multiple fields for decades. He holds more than 50 US patents and numerous international patents from his inventing contributions in the first smartphones, the first app store, and more recently in IoE technologies.

Team Member Name
  • Mazen Chmaytelli

  • Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1995

Mazen is proof positive that you don’t have to be a practicing engineer to be an inventor. Mazen’s technical background and aptitude certainly helps but as a business guy, Mazen has been able to find rich and deep invention opportunities in practically every business project that he has been involved in. With more than 30 granted US patents, Mazen shows us that if you like to explore things in life and find good problems to solve, then you can be a great inventor.

Team Member Name
  • Karen Crossland

  • Senior Director, Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies Inc
  • San Diego Office
  • With Qualcomm since 1996

As an expert in engineering operations, Karen brings discipline and focus into everything she does. Her background in software testing ensures that making things work is job number one and that value for the practical, combined with strong vision, is evident in this invention.

Key Facts

In the late 1990s, high-speed wireless networks and advanced mobile phone hardwarewith limited app capabilities were becoming available but weren’t being used extensively. The patent associated with this invention provides a blueprint on how to create an app marketplace, can ensure safety of an unknown developer’s app, and safely enable the ability of the app to run on a mobile device. Through this secure test, download, and runtime system, device manufacturers and application developers were able to empower consumers with the ability to use apps across a multitude of devices.

Every Breakthrough Leads to the Next


Parts like mobile web micro-browsers, Java applets and high speed wireless networks were not designed or envisioned to work together


Transforming app capabilities into a new, seamless mobile computing experience. Enabling the predominant app stores of today and new app stores to continue to follow-on innovate.